2014 Advert

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2014 advert


The Biometrika Trust offers a two‐year research fellowship, for junior researchers in statistical theory and methodology. It is aimed at those among the most outstanding recent PhD graduates who are capable of self‐direction.


The fellowship offers an annual salary £34,565, annual research support costs of £4000, and up to £5000 funding for a 'career development event' to be devised and organised by the Fellow. Applications should be made by the (potential) Fellow, who should have identified and sought the support of a suitable UK university department.


No citizenship restrictions.

Fellowships must be hosted in a UK university.

Compliance with UK Visa requirements: it is the responsibility of the host department to get UKVI approval once an award is made.

Integration with the host department

The host department is not expected to supervise or direct the research, but must provide a stimulating and inclusive research environment and the Fellow’s career development should be supported through mentoring. The department may require the Fellow to teach (and indeed this experience if properly mentored can form a valuable part of the Fellow’s career development), but the proportion of the Fellow’s time spent on teaching, including preparation, assessment and all administration should not exceed 15% averaged over the year.

Application material

1. Covering letter, about 1 page in length, describing in general terms future research direction, career plans and the benefit from a Biometrika Fellowship.
2. CV
3. WWW links to completed but unpublished papers
4. Description, in not more than 4 pages in not less than 10‐point type (including references, diagrams, etc.), of planned research programme if offered a Biometrika Fellowship, to include the following information (most weight is given to items c, b, and a in that order. No more than 0.5 of a page to cover items d, e and f) :
(a) What are your research achievements so far? What were they and have they been published or presented? What impact have they had?
(b) A description of the background to your proposed research. What is the context of what you plan to do?
(c) What research will you undertake? Why is it important? Why is it timely? What impact do you think it will have?
(d) You should identify which areas of your proposed research are speculative and adventurous and which are more ‘safe’. Quantify the balance of risk/safe topics in your plans.
(e) How independent are you and your research plan? How much do you rely on your thesis advisor or other collaborator? Why is your proposed host department appropriate? (Slight preference may be given to candidates wishing to move to a new location). Who are you likely to interact with in your research, at host institution and elsewhere?
(f) What is your current plan for disseminating your research in the form of conference presentations, papers or other media?
5. Plan for a career development event for young statisticians (up to £5K, funded by Biometrika) to be organised by the fellow.
6. Justification for travel costs (for conferences and research collaborations) and other research support resources, up to a total of £4K.
7. Letter of support from host institution(s), describing research environment, including presence of cognate researchers and promise of mentoring, and expectations on the Fellow in terms of teaching and other duties.
8. Names and contact details for 3 referees: Reference letters will be sought by the Trust, and should not be included with the application

Assessment criteria

  1. Quality of previous research
  2. Quality of proposed project
  3. Ability of candidate to self‐direct on this project
  4. Host department research environment
  5. Vision for discipline and career

See also FAQs


should be sent by email to P 'dot' J 'dot' Green 'at' Bristol 'dot' ac 'dot' uk, by 1 May 2014. Attachments must be in plain text, Word or PDF format. Informal inquiries about this Fellowship can be made to the same email address.

PhD Studentship


The studentship will provide fees at local rate for UK/EU students, annual stipend of at least £16,590 and a research support fund of £2000 in the first year, £1000 in each of the second and third years, subject to satisfactory progress.


No citizenship restrictions, but for a successful non-EU candidate the onus will be on the host department to obtain UKVI approval.
The studentship must be held at a UK university, but proposals may include a period of time as a visiting student in another university world-wide.

Application material

Application should be made by the candidate, as follows:
1. A covering letter, about 1 page in length, describing in general terms the candidate’s future career plans and the benefit from a Biometrika Studentship.

2. Candidate CV

3. Transcript of all degree course results.

4. Description of planned PhD project, of length no more than 2 pages in not less than 10‐point type and including the following information:

  • candidate’s motivation for wishing to undertake PhD research;
  • methodological background and scientific motivation for proposed research topic;
  • reasons for choosing the department in which studentship will be held;
  • justification for any proposed period visiting another university.

5. Names and contact details for 2 referees: reference letters will be sought by the Trust, and should not be included with the application

6. Supporting statement from the proposed lead supervisor including supervisory experience, list of publications relevant to topic of planned PhD project and, for projects that include an applied element, collaborative arrangements.

7. Supporting statement from the head of the proposed host department describing research environment, including list of research areas of academic staff in statistics, numbers of PhD registrations and completions in most recent five years by this group of staff, and facilities provided to research students.

8. Confirmation by the proposed host university that the candidate is holding a conditional offer of a PhD place


Should be sent by email to P 'dot' Diggle 'at' Lancaster 'dot' ac 'dot' uk, by 1 May 2014. Attachments must be in plain text, Word or PDF format. Informal inquiries about this studentship can be made to the same email address.

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