Frequently asked questions

1. Can a student who has not yet completed their PhD apply for the fellowship?

Yes, if they expect to complete their studies before the end of 2014.

2. Can somebody who already holds (or has held) a post-doctoral post apply for the fellowship?

Yes, but preference will be given to applicants with at most one year of post-doctoral experience.

3. The host institution must be in the UK, but does it have to be a university?

We can accept applications where the host department is in any public-sector research institution, but it in such cases it is especially important to justify the choice, and explain the environment and support available. The host department statement must clearly explain the obligations of the Fellow to the institution (e.g. participation in any other research projects, consulting, or administration) apart from the described research project.

4. Some versions of the advertisement implied that the research support costs were £4000 annually; was this a mistake?

Yes, our apologies, the limit is £4000 in total.

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